Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1/4/2011 Model Completed

Here is a good example of just how difficult joinery is with foam. Lots of slop and instant gratification- not at all like wood. Wonder if one can play a foam harp- nah.

The foam model has been assembled for the first time- with toothpicks, tape, and chewing gum (just kidding about the gum). I tried to glue some parts with Titebond, but it never dried and didn't stick well. I've decided to return to the original plan to end the bottom of the pillar outside of the sound box. Hope it works. Everything else looks good to go.

I'm designing and making the base for the harp now. If I say I'll do it later I know it will never happen, so I will do all the building at the same time. I have changed the base profile many times and ended up with this 'walking man' design. I like it. By placing the pieces altogether I can make the base to fit just right (fingers crossed).

I ran out of pink foam so we have a two-toned harp base. I also left these pieces 1" thick though the wood version will use 3/4" cherry. You can see my Heartland DreamWeaver next to the model for size comparison. Everything has so far fit better than I anticipated. Then again, foam is much more forgiving than hard wood.
As you can see in the last photo- this is a perfect fit for me- and I am a happy camper.

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