Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Progress in Design

Worked most of the afternoon on the harp mock-up in builder's insulation foam board. We have a lot of this material left over from when we built the house over 25 years ago. It is 1" thick so it will work out well. I have made projects with and without mock-ups and those with the model always work out better. I even made one of this house before building it!
Here the plans have been transferred to the board and I've discovered that some of the stresses on the pillar are at too much of an angle if I angle it to the outside of the soundbox- so I'll have to go back to the original Limerick plans with the pillar ending inside the box.
You can see in this photo that there was a lot of fiddling with the curve of the pillar before I feel that I got the best design.
Before quitting for the day I cut out two of each of the main parts and glued the matching pillar and neck pieces together. Tomorrow I should be able to figure out how to make the interfaces. Working with this foam is a lot easier than working with hard wood. Mistakes are easily corrected now- so that maybe later I can do it right in cherry.

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  1. Donna Menke is beautiful your work and effort, I am Brazilian most unfortunately here in Brazil has nothing on plans regarding construction of a harp and tried to contact the Musicmakers is more difficult without answers, I'm in love with harps. .. My Email is Thank you.